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Shine Zilla Ceramic Armor 50ml

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Shine Zilla™ Ceramic Armor creates a permanent bond to your vehicle finish, providing the maximum level of protection and shine for your vehicle. Shine Zilla™ Ceramic Armor products are easy to use and once applied, you will never have to wax your vehicle again!

This is a professional-grade product and the same formula that is used by national franchises, chains, and professional auto detailers. With proper care and maintenance, this coating will outlive the life of your vehicle and maintain a brilliant shine - permanently! The best part is that with Shine Zilla™ Ceramic Armor, all you need to keep your vehicle clean is water and mild soap.

Shine Zilla™ Ceramic Armor Benefits:

  • Extreme Hardness for an Additional Layer of Abrasion Resistance
  • Permanent Protection from the Environment
  • Twice as Hydrophobic as Traditional Wax
  • Withstands Heat Up To 1,800°C
  • Protects from UV Damage, Acid Rain & Bird Droppings

50ml Coverage:

  • 3 Motorcycles OR
  • 2 Cars OR
  • 1 SUV OR
  • 1 Full Size Truck OR
  • 1 Car with Multiple Coats

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Shine Zilla Ceramic Armor Product Benefits

The WOW Factor

Shine Zilla™ Ceramic Armor provides that WOW factor to your vehicles. Get that wet-look finish that every auto enthusiast is looking for. A single application provides that showroom finish with the shine you can only achieve with Shine Zilla™ Ceramic Armor!

Easy Application

Shine Zilla™ Ceramic Armor is a simple 6-step application process that can be done in the comfort of your home garage. Get the same protection a professional can provide through the benefits of DIY!

Ultimate Protection

Shine Zilla™ Ceramic Armor protects from the elements including UV damage, acid rain, bird droppings, dirt, and grime.

Amazing Versatility

Shine Zilla™ Ceramic Armor can be used on more than just your vehicle’s exterior body panels. Apply Shine Zilla™ Ceramic Armor to your windows, trim, grill, headlights, and mirrors to name a few!

Vehicle Diversity

Protect more than just your car, truck or SUV with Shine Zilla™ Ceramic Armor. You can also protect your boat, RV, ATV and more to protect them all from the elements and make washing easier!

Extreme Hardness

Shine Zilla™ Ceramic Armor cures to true 9H Hardness, the hardest on the coating scale. This additional hard layer of protection is what provides additional abrasion resistance and hydrophobicity to your vehicle.

Oh Heck Ya!

Shine Zilla Ceramic Armor Works On Almost Any Surface From Headlights to Tailgate!

Shine Zilla™ Ceramic Armor protects and brings a deep shine to just about anything including Paint, glass, trim, plastics, chrome and more! Give your car, truck, SUV, boat, RV, and anything else that moves you the ultimate protection and unmatched gloss finish of Shine Zilla™ Ceramic Armor!

Shine Zilla Works On Virtually Any Surface

Yes You Can!

Shine Zilla Ceramic Armor Is Great On All Types of Vehicles!

Shine Zilla™ Ceramic Armor is highly concentrated for maximum value. A little really does go a long way. Stock up on Shine Zilla™ Ceramic Armor and use it on everything that moves you.